It is my pleasure to bring to you Con Amore Candles
After purchasing numerous candles over many years, but sometimes disappointed by some of the more established brands, I wanted to prove that with care and passion for candle making, I could bring a collection of aromas to your homes that are longer lasting, clean burning and most important of all, value for money.
All of the products are hand poured in small batches, I must confess I am a perfectionist so attention to detail is never compromised, from the first to the last pour.
I, along with many others have become more aware of their social and environmental responsibilities, this is why I will only use natural ingredients where possible in Con Amore products.  The chosen wax for our candles is a blend of Coconut and Rapeseed wax and our melts are a natural vegetable wax.  Diffusers and room sprays are made with Eco friendly bases.  The fragrance oils have been rigorously tested and comply IFRA standards.
All waxes, bases, and oils are Vegan friendly.
Con Amore means "With Love" and that's exactly how every product is made.
I hope you enjoy your products as much as I do making them 
Much Love